Your Brand: more than just a logo design.

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September 2, 2013

The term ‘brand’ has been around for centuries. In traditional times, a brand was used by farmers as a way of identifying their cattle; a symbol or mark unique to the owner that was stamped with a hot iron into the hide of the animal. These days we use the term more often to refer to the identity of a product or business.

Quite often here at Tinker Creative we receive calls for help with branding and rebranding businesses. While we are able to help with all aspects of visual communication, branding is more than just a shiny logo. We working closely with our clients to take a look at their brand in a holistic manner; to look at all of their customer touch points and how to creatively tell their story in a way that appeals to their consumers.

Something that is often misunderstood, is that a brand is not just a logo design. A brand is much more than simply the symbol, monogram, emblem or icon you use to represent your business. A brand is everything that is tangible and intangible about your business; think of it like what people say about you when you aren’t in the room. It is the experience you offer your customers, from first point of contact to completion of the sale and beyond. And the more consistent the experience, the more value customers tend to place on your brand.

Consistency is key.

From the manner in which the phone is answered, to the way your product is received by your customer, every touch point builds your brand, which in turn determines the value clients place upon it and how much they are prepared to pay for it. We see this in all aspects of life, but good examples are in the car, jewellery and fashion industries. Think of a prestige brand in any of these categories and take a look at their advertising, their store fit outs, their employees, their product packaging/sale experience and even the way you receive your goods once purchased. It’s all consistent and helps to create a brand that often sees customers paying much more for your product over a competitors.

So, while having a professionally designed logo is an essential component to your business, it is not the only component to be carefully considered. We challenge you to take a look at your brand. Ask your customers how they perceive your business. What do your communication channels say about you?

Take a look at:

• your business stationery
• your website
• your office premises and signage
• your staff uniforms
• your advertising
• your social media presence
• your invoicing / receipts
• the way staff answer the telephone
• shipment of goods
• follow up after purchase

Is your message clear and consistent? Does your brand accurately portray what you do and the level at which you do it? Here at Tinker Creative, we can certainly help with keeping consistency across your marketing collateral. Contact the studio today to discuss how we can assist in building your brand.