Winter is on the way…

Winter is coming

April 4, 2013

It’s almost winter meaning we are about to lose our warm days and late afternoon Queensland sunshine. We think it’s always more fun to dress in winter – scarves, boots and coats (when we get a chance to wear them). While we do love to see the new fashion trends each season, some things are timeless classics and stand the test of time, which also rings true in the world of graphic design.

We believe at the core of good graphic design are a few basic principles (which we will write an article on soon). As Brisbane graphic designers, our focus at Tinker Creative is on quality and impactful design with sophistication. Having said that, it’s always nice to take a look at what our peers are doing, and when the brief (and target market) allows, push the boundaries and experiment a little with new trends and techniques.

Some things we’ve noticed of late in the design world:

Timeless, clean design never dies
Brands need to communicate clearly and to do that, need a clear visual identity. In a world of technological advancements, social media and all manners of online communication channels, clean, uncluttered design with simple ideas and messages often wins the race and stands out from the competition.

Hand-drawn type
Hand-drawn type, or even type that looks hand-drawn, is becoming increasingly popular for brands looking to stand out among the sameness of conventional type faces. Used sparingly and for the right brand, it can be very impactful.

Artisanal touches make impact in an electronic world
Just as hand-written fonts are increasingly popular, so too is a hand-made touch. Stripping away the sense of mass-production, an artisan aesthetic (brown paper and string, rubber stamps, older typefaces, use of a single colour) is a refreshing change and evokes a connection to the past, often building trust for a brand.