What colour says about your brand


July 29, 2013

As soon as we’re born most of us are subliminally educated on colour psychology. Swaddled in pink or blue at infancy, surrounded by primary colours soon after – colour has a huge impact on our impressions of the world.

The same goes for branding. Colour often has as much to do with your brand as the graphic itself. Would you recognise the Starbucks logo as easily if it was orange? Would Facebook’s logo give you a different impression if it was yellow? At Tinker Creative, we take a look at colour very early on in the design process in order to complement the message you’re looking to send with your logo and branding.

Take a look at some of our work and see if you agree with our colour choices: Brown and timber tones for Moose & Gibson, hot pink, black and neutrals for Couture Spa and Salon, and of course plenty of colour and vibrant design for homewares store Happiness Place.

Not sure where to start when it comes to colour choice? Here’s a snapshot of common conceptions of colour in branding:

Brown: earthy, natural, dependable, vintage, warm

Green: organic, fresh, environmental, money-related, trustworthy

Blue: male-focused, smart, progressive, liberal

Red: hot, passionate, powerful, bold, fast, exciting

Yellow: happy, fun, summery, sunny, young

Purple: royal, mysterious, decadent, electric

Orange: warm, community-focused, retro, sunny

The other option is the absence of colour. Increasingly, luxury brands in fashion and lifestyle sectors are doing what the car manufacturers have known for ages and opting for black, metallic and beige tones. The absence of colour leaves your branding open to broad use and denotes a sense of prestige.

Here at Tinker Creative we can help you navigate the minefield of colour to make the best choices for your brand identity. Contact us to discuss your next project.