The magic of good client-designer relationships


August 19, 2016

A LinkedIn post popped up the other day (well it was April, but who’s counting?) to congratulate me on my 9th year in business. 9 years. Really?

Time has flown by. It got me all nostalgic, thinking about all the things I’ve learnt, people I’ve met and places I’ve been while in business. All of the highs and lows of being brave and jumping into the ocean of entrepreneurship, when clearly, I had limited swimming ability.

I’ve learnt so many lessons during 9 years. None as important as the value of building relationships of mutual trust and respect with people who value what you do.

Here’s my theory:

When I look back over the years, the most successful and enjoyable projects can all be related back to this theory that our best results always happen with clients who we have the best relationships with. The magic happens when the balance of trust, respect and value is in check. When we work with people who ‘get it’ and who see value in what we offer, our best project outcomes are achieved. People who are able to put their egos aside, put their trust in us and are open to new ideas, new ways of doing things, and work collaboratively to achieve awesome results.

How do we create more good client-designer relationships? By understanding that not every client we meet will be the perfect fit, and that there is nothing wrong with declining the work in a respectful way. When we say ‘no’ to the work that does not align with our principles of trust, respect and value, we are saying ‘yes’ to more of the work where the magic happens.

Here’s to more magic,

Tinker founder and senior designer