The importance of font

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August 9, 2013

Amid the many aspects of branding, font choice, or typography, can be the trickiest. Vital to get right, we often try quite a few options here at the Tinker Creative studio before presenting a narrowed set of options for the perfect look for our clients’ design. What your brand reads is one thing, but what it says about your business can be quite another.

Lately, the trend in graphic design has been toward the clean and minimal. Industry resource My Fonts publishes a regular newsletter of ‘Rising Stars’ to showcase popular fonts. Among them, invariably, are several alternatives on the ‘friendly-looking’ sans-serif clean lined fonts, something new in the script font world, and an updated take on a modern font you might have found on vintage American confectionery labels or similar. Each have their place, and finding the right fit for your business is a eureka moment we love to share.

There are plenty of quips about the misguided attempts at creativity signalled by liberal use of Comic Sans, or even worse, the child-like and appallingly over-used Curlz… which we feel should be strictly left to use on home made birthday invitations and the like!

Feel like we’re speaking a different language? Here’s a rundown of a few common font terms we’re likely to discuss with you during your graphic design consultation:

• Serif: the little ends on letters, familiar in branding such as the Courier-Mail masthead

• Sans-serif: literally ‘without serifs’, sans serif fonts are smoother, often more rounded, and more modern looking than traditional serif fonts – we use a sans serif font in the body text of our website.

• Script font: these are the fancier, more intricate fonts. Used liberally they can be very effective, often adding a feminine or luxurious feel to your brand (but please, never use these fonts in all uppercase letters!)

• Custom font: Although there are thousands of fonts to choose from, sometimes the best thing to do is to have Tinker Creative create a font especially for your brand. This can be a combination of other fonts, a derivative of a graphic or theme you like, or a hand-written or hand painted representation. The possibilities are endless.

A professional graphic designer will provide you with a complete set of design guidelines and application for your brand and its usage, on signage, stationery, social media and anything associated with your business. Tinker Creative will guide you through the use of your brand and is of course available to rejuvenate your existing branding to breathe new life into your look, or help you use your brand to its best advantage.