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October 25, 2012

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How does your brand stack up against your competitors?

It’s a question most of us ask ourselves regularly in business, evaluating experience, expertise, products, customer service… but sometimes we forget that what’s on the surface counts for a lot. Your logo and branding speaks volumes about your business. It can present you as reliable, credible and trustworthy, or not…

If customers are faced with choosing between two identical products or services, what influences their decision to purchase?

Price? Not always, people will pay more for the same product or service if they trust the brand.

Quality? Maybe, but this is not always evident within a packaged product or service. If a potential customer knows little about your business and the level of service you provide, or that your product is of better quality than your competitors, their final decision may rest with how much they trust your brand.

Let’s say for example you sell the best window coverings in Australia, they are custom made from the finest materials, last twice as long as imported versions and your installation service and warranty is second-to-none. Your products are a little more expensive than your competitors, but this is justified by the quality you offer. To save yourself a few dollars you’ve created your own logo design and had 500 business cards printed on a pre-designed template from one of those online printing stores. A friend knows a bit about websites, so he’s had a crack at that for you too. Who needs a design studio when you can do it all yourself! So, you’re set, right? Wrong! You’ve just lost your competitive edge. While you may sell the best window coverings around, if your visual identity doesn’t support this, you will be lost amongst your competitors as just another window covering business with a more expensive price.

Many businesses want to promote themselves as providers of quality products or professional services, however the message they are sending to potential clients does not support it. Consumers will often pay more for a product or service if they have confidence in the brand. We see this in our everyday lives, with hairdressers, beauty products, clothing, real estate agencies, even in our supermarket aisles.

Businesses and products with strong, professional branding compared against those with a weak, unattractive or out-dated brand often have the competitive advantage regardless of who has the better offering. A DIY logo design and inconsistent marketing collateral sends a negative, unprofessional message and loses consumer confidence.

Just as your clients look to you for your expertise, we have built a great reputation on ours. Our expertise is in branding and design. Let us help you make the most of yours.