How would you like your graphic design?

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November 11, 2014

Often as a graphic design firm we are faced with the conundrum of price versus quality versus speedy delivery. While we always try to accommodate our client’s needs, sometimes we are faced with the impossible (we like to call them unicorns): A job done quickly, cheaply and well.

Being visual people, we thought the best way to demonstrate the conundrum of time / price / quality was as a good ol’ infographic. Note the unicorn; while there are three variables shown, finding a design firm who will offer all three at once falls under the category of unicorns. They don’t exist.


Want your graphic design done fast AND cheap?
No problem, but you will get what you pay for. Quick turnaround means less time for quality control, which is often when errors occur. And remember, cheap is not always best. When you engage the services of a graphic designer, you are paying for their expertise and guidance, not just their ability to operate the software.

Got a graphic design job with a tight deadline but still need a quality result?
This is definitely achievable, but expect to pay for quality and to spend less time going back and forth with your graphic designer making changes.

Looking for a quality graphic design firm and have a tight budget?
You must be from a charitable organisation. Either that or you personally know a graphic designer, or can find one working from home or living in a foreign country. Either way, this usually means that time delays will ensue.

Got a project that you need done fast AND cheap AND to a high standard?
You are in the land of unicorns and fluffy white clouds OR you have a direct relative who is a graphic designer (and wishes they weren’t).

Good luck!