Diner en Blanc

October 11, 2012

As graphic designers we talk a lot about white space, giving the eye a rest among all the details and the movement of the rest of the page. But what about when you need a rest? A new event to launch in Brisbane on September 1 might be just the antidote to the every-day.

It’s been described as a flash-mob feast. Dubbed Diner en Blanc, the idea is to gather hundreds of chic picnic-makers, all dressed in white, in a location announced at the very last minute before the event. Started in 1988 by a group of friends in Paris, the concept continues to gain momentum and has reached 15 cities in 5 continents worldwide.

Images from international gatherings show picnic-goers ethereal in chic all-white, setting up trestle tables, mini marquis, little poker tables for two, anything will do. Champagne buckets and glassware are brought out and everyone joins in the spirit of celebrating more refined times. As the organisers describe it, “Le Diner en Blanc recalls the elegance and glamour of court society, and diners engage one another knowing they are taking part in a truly magical event”.

When the concept launches in Brisbane on September 1, a $30 ticket will buy its first guests transport to a secret location and entertainment during the event. As for a place to sit and a meal to enjoy with friends, they’re on you, except of course if you choose to hire and buy on site.

We’re intrigued. Visit brisbane.dinerenblanc.info for more information.

Photo: Michael Greves featuring Felicity Boevink Millinery inspired by Diner en Blanc.